Injured Wing? What should I do?


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Apr 20, 2009
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*I have a BR pullet now 10 weeks old and she got a fright, flew up banged herself on something and it appears she may have injured her wing - the wing is kind of relaxed hanging down. I did see her lift it a bit so it may not be broken. She is eating drinking etc but appears a little off - her tail feathers are down. She also is sitting on her haunches.. Should I do anything - bandage the wing to her side? How do I know what is wrong with her? I don't want to stress her but want to do the right thing. Thanks for any advise you guys.
Hate that you did not get an answer to this; this forum just moves so fast sometimes.

Sounds like there is a fracture, even though she can move it some. Yes, I would tape her wing, in a closed position, to her body. Just run tape around her, without getting it too tight, as a way to splint it. Might not heal into a normal wing, however. The bones still need to be immobilized, so they can knit back together. If they knit wrong, that is much better than no knitting.

There is a product called Vet Tape, I think, that is sold in feed stores, and comes in bright colors. Same stuff is sold in drug stores for people. It sticks to itself, but is not sticky, has no glue on it. Should be ideal for this.
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I have a little sebright hen that damaged her wing and leg and I tried desperately to wrap her up but she somehow kept getting out of everything I tried, so finally I just put her in her own little cage inside my coop. It took over 2 months and just when I thought I would have to put her down, she started walking better and better so I put her in with my 3 month chicks and now she is 100 percent. Hope your little one gets better, it might take a long time - but dont giveup.
Thanks for the replies. I think I have some of the tape you mentioned will tape her wing hopefully this will make her feel more comfortable.
I taped the wing to her side by wrapping it with no hurt tape. Taped the wing and around the body and under her other wing so it was free. She managed to get the tape off. Is there a better way to tape it? How should I wrap the tape - around the body and both wings? She seemed a little unstable on her legs before she got the tape off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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