Injury and missing babies

ccs mom

May 18, 2015
Hello. We have a pond in our backyard. Several ducks, Canadians etc...visit regularly. One couple comes right up to our backporch door. I do feed them, carefully and cautiously, giving them their space. Earlier last week, they arrived with 9 beautiful babies. Sweet as could be. They came often several times a day. I love watching them, and giving them their space, from behind my window. Letting them know I was there, but not scaring them. Letting the family eat safely.
This morning the couple came. Alone.No babies. He has a serious injury to his left web. It is mangled and he limp severely. Constantly squawking. He is in a lot of pail. Obviously something happened last night. They were attacked by something. How can I possibly help him?
They are wild, and I am afraid that he won't make it. He struggles to keep up with her, and they are back more often. Probably because it's easier than trying to feed out there.
Can I do anything?
My heart just bleeds...

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