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5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Hello all, its been over a year since I last posted. I guess that means the flock has been well. So, I have some questions, some elementary, one not so much. First, I know that the hens will slow down egg production in the winter but its warm now and it hasn't really picked up. The hens are 2 y.o. now, I figured they are still young. Can anyone suggest anything?
The other thing is one of my Ameraucanas has a pea size swelling in front of her right eye. Her eye is not shut and there is no discharge from the swelled area. Its just perfectly round like blood blister. She may have caught a flying object when my husband was mowing but I'm not sure what happened.
:frow welcome to BYC !!

It's not the temperature but the amount of daylight hours that the hens need to lay. Also she may be going broody.

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