Innards...what to do with them?


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After processing, how do I dispose of the innards so that they do not attract predators? I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills on a ranch and do NOT want to attract predators that may threaten the other animals. Is burying really deep enough, or should I burn them first? What say you, oh wise BYCers?
I would suggest that you do the same thing with innards that you do with the rest of your garbage. Not trash, but the garbage. You know the stuff left over from preparing and eating meals.
Yeah. Build a fire and burn them beyond recognition. That would, i assume, keep it from putting out an odor when buried and not attract any predators. Especially when buried with the ash from the fire.
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I have a outdoor wooder boiler. When chickens die or I process a chicken, they go in the furnace. They are burned up very quickly.
Tried to burn a turkey one time that did not go so well. The turkey took a while to burn up.

Chicken and their innards burn up pretty quickly.

The only issue with that is that we are SO rural that we do not have trash service here. Our landlords have to take our garbage to the dumps (I'm the OP's pretty other half LOL), and they have asked we do not put the innards in the trash because sometimes several weeks pass between trips to the dump, and rotting innards would just smell up the whole place!

The stuff leftover from preparing meals usually goes to the compost pile if its compostable. Stuff leftover from eating meals often goes to the dog, sometimes to the chickens, depending on what it is and how much onion is in it. The rest goes into the garbage/trash -- i.e., anything that doesn't compost well or can't be fed to the chickens or the dog.

We were thinking of burning up the innards, but then again... I think I'd like to save the heart, liver, gizzards, and make doggie treats out of them from a recipe someone here on BYC posted a while back.

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