Inside chicken?

Indoors or outdoors?

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Sydnee Fisher

Jun 10, 2017
Pittsfield, NH
Today one of my two serama roosters have died and I put his son in with his mother and now I have my little bird CC who is smaller than my hand. She keeps getting attacked by my other hen so I took her and brought her in the house to warm up. I have two choices make her a house bird or put a little cage inside my large cage which is outside with a heat lamp. So what do you think I should do?


Free Ranging
Apr 24, 2018
North Western Ohio
I am trying to slowly integrate her so she’s outside to stay but she is in a barn in a little hutch I can close up. Oh and they all have a heat lamp!:lol: Spoiled birds :lau
I would keep her outdoor. Maybe they will get along. If it gets extremely cold and you don’t think the heat lamp is doing its job then take her inside just for a little bit

Mrs. K

Free Ranging
13 Years
Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
I keep a flock and it is outside. Keeping her inside might make you feel better, but she would be better integrated into a flock, they are flock birds. However, many people do keep house birds. Just not for me.


Apr 15, 2018
Central Illinois
I voted outdoors . I have 2 almost 3 day old chick I'm nursing back to health with a splayed leg( fine otherwise) my husband is super nervous that I'm gonna want to keep it as an indoor pet lol. As much as I'm enjoying my little buddy I know it will be much happier outside with other birds scratching around and being a chicken .

Here she is resting after a warm meal and cuddles from flipping cute is she....I'm absolutely creating a monster :/ I do make sure she has supervised visitation with her hatch mates twice a day though. She's getting stronger every day and I think she should be good as new in a few days and will join her siblings then. Oddly I can't come up with a name...

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