Insight Plz! Lethargic Hen Discolored Comb and Feet


In the Brooder
6 Years
Nov 5, 2013
Arlington, Ohio
Earlier this week my son showed me our 6 month old Barred Rock had a discolored comb. It looked purple like a bruise. It's normally bright red. Later on in the week it looked normal. Today I found her just standing with the other hens with her feathers puffed up, head down and eyes closed. Her comb wattle and feet are purplish. She still puts up a little fight but is more lethargic than normal. We have separated her from the rest and I put a med I had on hand in her water. She drank quite a bit. I offered her a treat and she wouldn't take it but she's eating her feed. She doesn't want to be segregated but when let out of the box she just assumes the sleepy stance again. The temp here has changed from summer to cooler fall temps and we had a few rainstorms this week. Any idea what could be wrong with our girl? I hate to lose her. So far no symptoms observed in the rest of the flock.

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