Insulated duck house plans

I live in Fairbanks alaska it gets pretty cold in winter and need help/ ideas for an insulated duck house 4 ducks , 2 are blue suede 2 golden 300
Look over my cold weather coop article

Other than what is in the article.....

The problem i have with ducks is that you must get a narrow enough so they can NOT crawl inside, but deep enough for them to dunk their heads, water bowl.

I used a small pot, wedged securely so they couldn't dump it.

Also... you have to just be so careful with the water. If they can splash in the water, the water instant freezes, and then they are encased in ice (no joke, has happened). Also, they can splash the water out and then freeze their feet to the ice so they can't move. Truly... and so bad.

The take home point of the above paragraph is that putting a water heater in the water tub does NOT help, since as soon as the water gets splashed out it freezes.

And if you train them to water nipples they then get eye issues... ducks have to dunk their faces.

You can get away with having them on nipples, take out a deeper waterer once a day, so they all dunk their them, dry off their heads if needed... remove the deeper waterer.

I do not know how much temp variation you have up there... or if it gets cold and just stays there until spring. :idunno

But down here, if it gets to 20 I bring out a bathing tub for them to bathe in. But again... just for the couple hours it is warm.... and remove the tub WAY before evening so everyone is fully dry before temps start to drop again.
You might get cold enough that they get their face encased in ice the second they dunk their head to drink....

I know it can get to -60 up there... I think you are stuck building them a house (like for humans) and heating it.
I live in Fairbanks alaska it gets pretty cold in winter and need help/ ideas for an insulated duck house 4 ducks , 2 are blue suede 2 golden 300
An insulated duck house I can not say I am in a climate that needs that. But I finally got my ducks out of the house by digging a brick lined underground nest touching the wall of my house. It's big enough for them to sleep and nest in, but of course they have to go out of it to eat and bathe.

But maybe your house set up would allow you to integrate a similar sleeping area for them that could share your dwelling heating or electricity. Then you would just need to connect it to a heated feeding area, perhaps inside your existing dwelling, or something above ground. A lot of this depends on your house , or if you plan to construct a totally stand alone independent framed house with integrated heating and cooling, or if it can be part of your dwelling structure as well. I know my ducks slept and nested in my house a long time before I finally got them a nest dug, and it flows pretty well for them.

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