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I was just wondering how you or if you insulated your coops for winter? I live in Michigan where snow, ice and cold are a concern. I am just starting to design my coop for next spring and would like to have some input before I start building.
We live in MI to and just had ours built this spring. Ours is insulated, stays warmer in there at night for the chicks right now. 15 degrees warmer. You definatly don't have to worry about the little things getting too cold.
from snowy MN.

Insulate your coop. Period. You live where it's cold, and cold for a long long time. Don't jack around with the health of your birds or your ability to sleep at night.

If you have a large flock, then they are better able to use body heat to warm up their space. But if you have a smaller backyard flock, then insulation and heat will be your friends.

I insulated with R-13 fiberglass insulation - got it at Home Depot. An interior wall will be necessary to cover the insulation as the chickens will try to eat it. They're ding dongs that way.

Also consider how you will get electricity into your coop. You will need it for a heated water dish (keeps water fluid) and possibly a heat source.

Feel free to check out my winter page or PM me if I can be of any help.
I live in michigan too. Just completed my coop and yes I insulated it. The walls were constructed using 2"x2"s. All walls and roof have 1 1/2" styrofoam insulation in them and 1/4" plywood interior walls. I wired the coop for light and heat. The heat will consist of thermoststically controlled heat lamps(the deep red ones).
Thanks for your help! I will definitely insulate my coop for my feathered little friends that we will get next spring!

CityChook, Thanks for the link to your blog! It was a lot of help! I can't wait to build my coop and start my small flock!
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We are building the run part of the coop with the wire on the inside of the frame. In the winter we will set plexi glass into the frame and latch it flush to outside of the frame. This is suppose to allow sunlight into the coop and keep the heat from the sun in. We will also use a heat lamp. I hope this works.

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