Integrating chicks and the Hens won't Lay! HELP!


10 Years
Apr 21, 2010
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Quick back story: I have three hens, a RIR and two plymouth rocks. We also just got six new chicks who are now a month and a half old. In order to integrate them, we moved the hens into a temporary coop, and the chicks into the regular coop so they can get a little bigger before meeting the hens. We also wanted to move the hens out of where they were comfortable, because we thought it would make for an easier transition to allow them back in after the other chicks have also established the coop as home.

Well we moved the chicks out last night. This morning I went out to get eggs and let the hens out to roam, and noticed a few problems. First of all, both plymouth rocks had escaped the temporary home, and were screaming their heads off looking for the RIR. I let the RIR out, and could find no eggs. Usually, we get 3 a day by 11'oclock. I assumed the plymouth rocks had just laid elsewhere during their escape- but they are all still freaking out. It seems that the Plymouths are looking for a place to lay, as they are trying very hard to get back into their original coop, but since they aren't able to they are crawling in every other hole, and then running out screaming, almost like they are saying "it's no good!".

I will also add that I provided the hens with a nest box in their temporary home, but they seem to despise it!

PLEASE HELP! What should I do? Should I move the chicks out and the hens back in? Should I put the chicks into the temporary enclosure?

and will the hens find a place to lay their eggs today? Because they are still clucking their little heads off!


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Apr 6, 2010
The reason your hens quit laying is probably because you moved them to a new location, which caused them some stress, and they probably won't start laying again until they feel comfortable in the new location. They may start laying again right away if you move them back to their old location, or you could just leave them in the new place and see if they start laying again after a couple days. The WILL start laying again; it'll just depend on how long it takes them to settle back down after their move.

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