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Dec 18, 2010
I have two hens that I rescued about 4 weeks ago. They were pretty thin, filthy, skiddish, and their feathers were plucked really bad. I've kept them separate from the rest of my flock (6 Black Jersey Giants) and in a completely different part of the yard. (They're fenced in, while my Giants free range.) They've become completely different birds! Their feathers have grown back, gained weight, and just seem overall happier. I know (from reading up on here) that you should wait about a month before introducing them to the rest of the flock. The new girls seem healthy, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them anymore. I was thinking about putting them in the same coop (but separate) as the Giants.

Does anyone have any advice on doing so?
Should I wait a little longer before putting them in the same coop?

My only worry is that with the weather getting colder that the two new girls won't withstand the cold very well.

Any tips would be much appreciated! Thank you!
I think its fine! Go ahead and move them into the same coop, just keep a sharp eye on them...usually they will work on their pecking order and after that, they are all friends (or ignoring each other) :)
i guess i dont have to worry about integrating them.... something killed all of my black chickens (5 that i have raised from chicks) and now i only have one black hen left and the two new brown ones :( :(
Oh no! Do you know what it was?
We're pretty sure it was either coyotes or fox. My husband (<3) has been on guard duty the past couple nights trying to call whatever it is to 'take care of it'. I did get more ( 3 more ISA Browns, and 2 Plymouth Rocks) but we've started the whole isolation stage over again.

We did finally name my last Black Jersey Giant (we had trouble telling them all apart when we had 6 of them) Black Betty is her name :)
The new girls are entertaining, but they just aren't as pretty, fluffy, and graceful as my Giant flock was :-/ But maybe that's just me being biased. I do like getting eggs everyday, but it was so entertaining to look out the window and seeing the late flock hop around the yard. ( We have a bird feeder in one of the trees in our back yard, and they learned on windy days they could get bird seed off the ground under that tree that fell out of the feeder. You could see them just sitting there waiting for more to fall down lol)

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