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    I have 6 girls all in their 2nd year of laying. I am adding 3 who are about 17 weeks old. All the girls have been free ranging together and get along fine. The new girls live and eat in their own separate "coop." The new girls are now big enough that I have to leave their coop open enough so that the older girls can get in. I fear the older girls are getting in and eating all of their grower feed and not enough of their layer feed. I usually get 4 or 5 eggs a day but Sunday I got 3, Monday I for 3 and today I only got 2.

    I'd like to completely integrate them into the 1 big coop but I need to know if the Layer feed for the big girls will harm the pullets or are they old enough? Is the reduction in eggs a result of the layers getting into the grower feed? Looking for advice.
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    I think 17 weeks is old enough to start layer. But if you are worried, feed them all the grower and offer oyster shell, for the hens.
    I don't think grower would cause the hens to slow down, more likely summer heat or stress from the new birds.

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