Integrating new pullets - getting cold - do I put them in the coop?

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May 19, 2014
My two 13 week old pullets have been integrating with my existing flocks for a couple of weeks. They haven't been "allowed" in the coop yet and have been roosting in the run (it's secure). Tonight it will get to about 32 F and I'm wondering if I should force the matter. I figured eventually they would be allowed in, but now I'm starting to wonder.
I myself keep hoping that the new additions to my flock will voluntarily move from my grow out tractor to the main coop. Rarely does it happen. So I have to move them into the coop. They get used to thinking that the tractor is hm and won't move themselves. By the way 32 is not nearly cold enough to worry about.
Is there a way to separate part of the coop that you can lock the new ones in but they will be protected from the others?

I put the new ones in a temp run that allowed the flock to see them but not get at them in the yard. Every night I locked the new ones on one side of the coup and the flock on the other side. After one week I removed the barrier and no problems.
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It's an eglu cube, so there's no good way to partition it. It's also tricky to put them in at night myself - I'll really have to open the roof and place them in which will cause a bit of commotion I'm sure. But if 32 isn't something to be worried about, I will wait a little longer and hope they become more integrated - and the pullets don't decide they're not interested. They have kept trying, but they get pushed out. They've become pretty accepted during the day, though, and now all stick together when free ranging.

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