Integrating one serama into a small flock of standards?


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Jun 7, 2009
Santa Barbara, CA
I just got a 10 week old serama (Plasma) a few days ago, she's already 10 weeks old and the biggest sweetheart ever but she's just the one, and I really want to integrate her into the trio I already have.

My problem is that I think I may have misjudged how very tiny seremas were. I have 3 girls already at 15 weeks (BR, BO and a Brahma) and they are at least double if not triple Plasma's size.
I tried popping her into the coop when they were sleeping and checked on them early to let them out and they were doing okay, the three big girls had jumped down on the floor and were ignoring the Plas on the perch.

They live in a pretty spacious coop and have free run of a quite sizable yard, but when I go out to supervise the 4 of them, they ignore her unless she gets close-ish, then one of the others will chase her around and peck at her if she gets cornered. I set up a bunch of obstacles for her to hide under but I'm still afraid to leave them alone unsupervised. When I isolate her in her own private mini run, she cries something terrible.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Should I wait for her to get bigger and try again? Will they ever hang around in a pack of four? I'm afraid a cat might get her if she doesn't travel with the other girls, she's so itty...

Please help?
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sorry i cant help, but
I have all sizes that hang out. I think you are doing fine with the space and the hiding places. They are like horses, they just have to work out the hierarchy. Well, I guess they are like chickens

Just as long as they are not running her to death or pecking her bloody they should be okay after a while.

I have lots of Serama, young RIR, red bros, australorps, and bantam ameracuanas, Standard white rocks and black stars, one guinea, and three calls.

These are all roomates in a big shed with run out back...and some of these free range out the front and they never get into serious fights. You just have to keep an eye out!
I tried to pop her in with the big girl when it was dark; and she tried to snug up to one of the others and gets pecked for her troubles. I can't say its entirely the big girls being mean, as she's making a kind of a nuisance making loud keening squealing sounds and getting in between the bigger girls legs so they sit on her. This morning she was hiding out in the bottom while the girls were up top.

Today I have her separated in the yard with Solid, who is lowest in the pecking order. The other two I have penned in on the side yard out of eyesight. They sit at the gate and keep calling for Solid while Solid alternately chases Plasma or ignores her.
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