Integrating orpingtons: Question


9 Years
Mar 31, 2010
Plainfield, IN
I currently have 2 red sex links (golden comets), and 5 EE's. I want to add a couple Buff Orps to my flock. I have heard that they are shy birds. Is adding only two orps ok? Should I integrate them in any special way? Should I get rid of some of my other birds and get more orps?
Buff Orpingtons are shy? Ours are like lap dogs!

If you are getting them from a breeder, make sure you quarantine them for 30 days before introducing them to your flock. When you do introduce them, there will be some pecking order issues (minor fighting, some pecking) so be prepared for that. Once pecking order has been re-established, they should be fine together.

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