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7 Years
Feb 23, 2016
South of Houston
If I Was not so busy today I would sit down and research but I have a lot to do so I'm gonna rely on the good folk here.
Getting back into chickens after a mass predation last fall. We were given two chickens, Young but sure how young ( about 8-9' tall and not sure what breed but are black with feathered feet and legs) and have one which is not quite as big (I'm thinking Aracauna). These are getting along together.
We have 9 which came from TS and are about 4 weeks old, fully feathered and capable of flight.They are Welsummer,, maran and leghorn. We put them in the coop in a cage that is adequate size but getting smaller by the day. They have been there for 3 days (today will be 4th). The older ones don't seem to be paying them much attention. How much more time do they need to get aquainted and live peacefully together? Will check for responses later today. And thanks for any replies!
Try letting them loose and watch the results. Maybe add some treats (clump of sod, vegetable trimmings, etc.)

The fact that there are a lot more young ones than big ones makes it likely that they will all be fine (although keep an eye out in case the big ones pick on a specific little one--usually whichever looks most different.)

If it doesn't work, try putting the big ones in the cage, so the little ones can get used to the coop, and let the big ones back out in a day or two for another attempt.

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