Integration attempt #3

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chickiemom25, Jun 20, 2011.

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    May 13, 2011
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    Here we go again.. ok this time I waited until an hour before dark..2 8 week olds and 3 6 weeks, My ugly possible Roo decided to take off after my EE. She is the oldest and really well feathered. Ugly keeps attacking her every 5 minutes or so but fortunately the EE flies around the run or into the coop to escape. The orpington and white rock are bumping chests.. they previously got along fine and I dont think these 2 will be a problem long term. My barred rock ( no idea sex) is running around like chicken little even though this time no one is picking on it. The 3 younger who have been in the coop for a week already are still sleeping outside and I think the 2 older girls are up in the coop. I sure hope tomorrow goes better. I am not sure if I should get up before the sun and separate the 2 older girls again or let them all work it out tomorrow. No blood was drawn today.
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    It appears they are establishing their pecking order. Just keep an eye on them and hopefully they will cool it. They are at the age though where they are going to chest bump and assert themselves.
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    Quote:Xs 2

    You will have some pecking no matter what. If you are really worried, a cage IN the coop/tractor with the bigger/older/dominant birds for a few days allows them to get to know each other without being able to get to each other. However, I usually just put the birds in with others whenever it's convienent for my schedule... even if it is 2pm. I have never had a problem. Little spat of who is who but by day 2 everyone is fine.

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