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May 18, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Hey there,

We have 4 hens (all laying) in the backyard right now. They are eating Scratch and Peck organic 16% layer feed. We have 2 young pullets (approx 6 weeks old) that we are in the process of integrating with the flock. Currently they have their own separate area in the backyard where they forage / eat / drink (organic chick starter / medicated crumbles). I bring them inside at night to sleep in the brooder in our guest bedroom. Once the babies are ready to integrate with the hens, (I'm thinking a week or two) do I:

  • get rid of the layer feed and switch to all flock for everyone?
  • leave the layer feed and put out all flock as well?
  • mix the layer feed with the all flock?
  • keep them separated / on chick starter until a certain age (i.e. delay integration - which I'm not too keen on)
Not really sure as we've only introduced hens of the same age (or at least over 12 weeks) and then it was all flock.

Thanks much.


Oct 4, 2017
Lincolnton, NC
Put out the all flock and leave oyster shell on the side. You definitely don’t want to mix bc you don’t want your pullets eating the extra calcium. You can switch your layers now if you want by mixing in a little at a time; that way they are ready when the chicks are out with them.

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