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brood mother

5 Years
Feb 26, 2014
Brandon, Ms
I am having an issue integrating my 4 hens with my chicks. They are in desperate coops but their runs connect to where they see each other. The chicks have had a temp run the at shared two fence walls with th big girls. It ha been this way I've 2 weeks. Yesterday we took down one of the temp walls to try inter-mingling and well, the hens were less than welcoming!!! They jumped on a few chicks an there was speaking an feathers, it wasn't pretty. So back to seperation it went. Later I tried taking just one chick in with me, well that went about the same. My big girls at being bullies, an that's gotta stop. I have 12 older chicks outside, and more inside that will be sharing common open free ranging yard w made them, so they have to be along!!! PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!
I have heard bringing a single adult hen in with the chicks, preferable the top of the pecking order girl, will allow the hen to be outnumbered and have a more peaceable introduction as they tend to all follow her lead. She is less likely to be aggressive alone.
Well we haven't put laying boxes on the new coop yet so don't know if I could just move her in but I might could put her out with the bitties, and leave the other hens in the enclosed run. I'm not ABSOLUTLY positive who our head hen is either. But I know who it isn't, so I can go from there. They have to learn to all get along! Lol! I am open to all suggestions!

Just going in for a short time period should help and you could do it individually with more than one or all of the big girls

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