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    We put all our birds together today & didn't have a single issue. Couldn't have went more smoothly. Previously , our 6 hens & 1 roo (11 months)were penned separately from our 12- 12 week old chicks(10 pullets, 2 young roos). We had let a few of the older girls in to the yard where the younger ones were penned to free range a bit, but not very often. Well today, hubby turned them all loose together. No fighting, no pecking, nothing. They mingled together awhile but foraged separately, separate flocks. Tonight when it got dark, I moved all the younger birds into the main coop to sleep.

    We have the little bantam roo we rescued still housed by himself in quarantine. Tomorrow he gets treated for his scaly leg mites & the peck marks on his comb. He wont be a happy camper. Hopefully he heals quickly though so he can be integrated as well.
    Tomorrow I'm having the older girls pullorum testing done for 4-h fair entries.
    Happy. [​IMG]
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    Nice to hear an integration success story!!
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    I thought the title was 'interrogation' there for a second. I was ready to see chicken under heat lamps with blindfolds on.

    Glad everything went well and they didn't have to get waterboarded.
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    I could break out the thumbscrews & the rack & make them tell me where they hid the eggs!

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