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    Jul 17, 2010
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    I have two hens that are about a year old. We tried twice to integrate two new pullets. Each time we had them near each other for while while ranging. The coop design did not allow for us to keep the babies separated so, we kept them together during the day and moved "the littles" back to the brooder at night. After a couple weeks we put them in the coop at night. All was fine for a couple days, until "the bigs" opened up the back of one of "the littles" heads. It was brutal. So, we separated them all for a few more weeks and started over. They were integrated longer the second time and then, they did it again. We just got a small coop for the "the littles" so we could keep them outside. They are now 21 weeks, they range separately most of the time, sometimes they are in close proximately. Mostly, we just have two pairs of chickens. Do I have any chance of ever integrating them to be in one coop? How would you suggest I go about doing so?
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    can u put peepers on the older hens?
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    How much age difference between the two?

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