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Integtration time - Advice, needed, good/bad plan?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Peaguy, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Peaguy

    Peaguy Songster

    Apr 23, 2007
    Okay the quarantine period is over for the 8 new birds!No signs of lice/mites bugs diseases, no ills no wheezing oozing loose poos runny eyes nostrils, a few missing feathers but that is too many roos, (2 for 6 hens)
    Sooooooooo its time to get my "babies" outside with the others.
    Plan A divide the coop in half put "babies"( babies = 2 BSL 4 RIR 4 NN all 26 weeks old from Ideal on one half of divided coop Adopted 8 (RIR roo SLP roo 2 4 RIR hens 2 Ameracauna hens on the other half with fencing between lots of new "toys" change waterers/feeders out for hanging variety as opposed to the stand up ones we're using now, hang some treats (cauliflower Broccoli, corn to dangle just out of reach, some floor treats such as alfalfa cubes, stale bread, (the adopted birds love the bread! Some fresh straw or hay in and around the nest boxes, loosen and scrape some new patches for dusting (fresh shot of DE in these) general housecleaning/keeping Keep them seperate for a week or so then remove dvider and mix. Or
    Plan B
    Same as above but spend the rest of the week integrating the above "babies in with the Adopted group one or two a night while all are roosting ( I think this group would work well with this as they are all pretty close in breed/colors and size. But still divide the coop in half as, and here is the rub, I still have the Dominatrix Society(6 Dom hens and a 3RD ROO! to blend in also. Put the Doms in 1/2 the other blended? group on the other and give then time with the fence between. I like this idea because of the # of roos involved. So basically I am trying to get three groups blended with the least amount of stress, fighting, pecking order disputes etc. as possible Also background info all the Ideal babies and the Doms know each other from a "through the fence" situation already, sorta, they share pens in the same room in the house now. They have all been outside together to "visit" the run on nice days with very little more than an occasional "reminder that Silver ( the Dom roo) is definately of the mindset that he is in charge. All are at present "blissfully unaware of the adopted brood out in the coop.
    So I am asking for advice, tweaks, adjustments to either or both plans, yeas/ nays, to either plan, point out faults with either/both, where am I "asking for it" and how do I prevent "it" Help!!!!!!!!1 I want the store room back! I had to chase a NN out of the gun safe - out from behing the 12 gauge = tonight and that is just NOT ACCEPTABLE! Not to mention that they turned over the feed sack today and proceeded to lay 2 eggs in the feed!!! They've gone wild I tell ya! Wild!
    Am I on track here or barking up the wrong tree entirely?
    Sorry for the bad grammar, spelling etc tonight I worked a double yesterday and a turn around on 2 hours sleep today and am wiped but this stuff has been driving me crazy! I gotta figure out how to and get this done! All help/ advice appreciated!!!!

  2. We have a transition pen built inside our large outdoor fenced run. Any new birds go in there so that they can interact indirectly with the others until a point in time where the hens and roos in the big pen no longer pay attention to the ones in the transition pen. Then we will kick the transition chicks out into the big yard and watch for any immediate attacks. There is the usual light pecking but we have never had any big fights. We use this method to transition our young chicks out into the yard. It works so well that we are able to transition 8 week old chicks into the yard with all the others that are all ready full grown.
    You might have a bit of problem if you have an agressive roo or because of the age of the roos and them fighting for territory or flock statis. The hens should be ok other than pecking order.
    We have found it best to integrate all at once then it takes the focus off of just one or two birds.

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