Interesting chick question


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I raised Ameracaunas as a kid. I'm starting again as an adult but got a mix of breeds. I'm somewhat knowledgeable but I did buy a chick just because it was cute and unique but want to know if anyone knows more about it.
It looks like a duckling which I read was a mix called Duck Wing markings. It was sold as an Ameracauna. She's super pretty and has this eyeliner look like Cleopatra. Does anyone know why she would be sold as an Ameracauna and what her mix could be?
Will she lay colored eggs? Is she actually a different breed or an Ameracauna mix?thanks for your help in advance.
Most birds marketed as such are actually Easter Eggers - a mix that produces colorful eggs.
I know nothing so take with grain of salt lol but our chicks had that eyeliner look too and turned out to have partridge colouring in them. No idea if other breeds have the same lovely eye markings

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