Interesting hatch, breed questions


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Hello all!
This topic might apply to incubating and breed/sexing questions too but I figured it might fit best here since the babies in question are currently out of the egg, lol!
So, in my flock we have a single rooster, I believe he is a Rhode Island Red. He has the typical plumage, yellow legs, and no feathered feet. I do not know his breed for sure because we acquired him as a stray, he was wandering for weeks by himself down a dirt road when we caught him a few years ago.
For hens, we have three white non bearded Silkies, three white leghorns, an Easter Egger, and her daughter who is a mix with Rhode Island Red as well. They both lay green eggs, or so I always thought.
So at the beginning of the month, we incubated eggs from our flock and now they have hatched. All is as a expected minus two of our outcomes. I got a beautiful chipmunk patterned chick...out of a brown egg? And I got an adorable little chick out of a green egg that is a slight reddish yellow color with feathered legs, but yellow skin and no Silkie tuft on its head or anything else Silkie-ish.
So, I am confused, lol. Any insight on this? Or am I completely missing something? Thank you for any help!

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