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    Oct 18, 2014
    One of our hens was somehow injured by either our rooster or from laying an egg. She was having much difficulty walking one day. I separated her from the flock to keep an eye on her and eventually put her in a small coop by our house where she could heal up by herself. I still let her out to free range with the others, but kept her separated for 3 nights. After this time, she separated herself. After free ranging, my 41 hens went one way to their coop and she walked all the way back to her coop by herself. I'm wondering if it is because she likes being alone ther ( maybe she knows she still needs more time to heal) (maybe she wants to stay clear of the rooster) or she just has begun a new habit. I.m wondering how long she will make this choice. Seems funny in a way because she does like to join in with everyone when free ranging. Maybe the others snore and she prefers to sleep alone...I just don't know! Has anyone had a similar situation with a hen?

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