Interesting--Meyer Cornish X vs. Mt. Healthy


11 Years
Apr 8, 2008
I have 20 Cornish X from Mt. Healthy here in Ohio (on special at TSC, couldn't pass them by for only a buck each) that are five weeks, old, and some peeps from Meyer that are just five days old. So far, there is a big difference. I'm surprised by how bright yellow the Meyer peeps are, and by how calm they are. Don't think I've ever seen such calm chicks. I wonder if anyone else has experience with Cornish X from different hatcheries. I'm very interested to find out whether they dress out at different weights once processed.
There's nothing wrong with the Mt. Healthy birds, per se. They are growing well. But I was definitely struck by how amazingly calm the Meyer chicks are compared to how flighty the Mt. Healthy chicks were. And it was strange to me that they were different colors as chicks!

I'm kind of glad that I have birds from both hatcheries. It will help me make decisions about where to purchase birds from next year.
Mt healthy (TSC) chicks probably were stressed a bit more being kept in a waterering tank in a store with a bunch of kids trying to get at them 10 hours per day. That would be my guess why as to why they are so flighty.
I use several hundred chicks a year. Have been using Meyer, but due to limited availability i had to go to another Ohio Hatchery. I have noticed several things.
1) Meyer has very good chicks
2)Meyer has awesome Customer Service
3)Very little loss from Meyer.
4) I bought 150 from the "other" grower, lost 50 of them
5) I cant even get them to email me back!

Well i don't want to bash anyone on line but the other Hatchery is near Meyer and I'm not impressed!
Last year I had CornishX from Townline Hatchery in MI, they came from TSC but I was lucky enough to get them right out of the box when they arrived at the store.
That was my first ever batch of meaties, I liked them so much that I ordered more from Meyer hatchery ( Split an order with my neighbor who wanted some layer pullets for his daughter.)

The Meyer meaties were 4 weeks yesterday, I plan on comparing the growth rates between the two and will post the results. So far, their weights seem very similar although the Townline CornishX were more active , but they were raised by a broody also.
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Are you sure the are CX? (However at 5 weeks its pretty obvisiously if their CX or not :) Mine have always been super calm like yours from Meyers. Maybe the calms ones will influence the others. Good luck.
There's only a couple of companies that produce broiler chicks and all the hatcheries get eggs from them. Cobb/Hubbard and Ross. Ask the hatcheries which birds they are currently selling and you will know what kind to buy in the future.
Thank you, Enel 1. I was under the assumption that the hatcheries had their own strains. I will make sure to ask when I place my next order.
Meyer Hatchery has excellent customer service by the way.

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