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    Interesting of the five chicks I hatched two had five toes per foot the other three had four toes per foot. Four had yellow legs and one has green legs and it has 4 toes. The hen is black and white the cock yellow brown. The cock and hen have different style combs. It appears all five chicks are going to be black and white, going by wing color at 7 days. They are different in size. They were all hatched from blue eggs. Can’t hardly wait to the chicks grow up and start laying to see what color eggs they will lay. The hen is an Americana that lays blue eggs she has four toes per foot the rooster I really do not know anything about him other than the man that gave him to me said he was part Easter Egger he has five toes per foot. I hope to get a rooster that looks like the hen for further breeding purposes; I will breed him back to his mama and go from there. Eggs from these hens when grown should be either blue or green depending on the rooster whether he was hatched from a white or brown egg. Fall or winter will let me know I just have to wait and see. This is the rooster do not have a picture of the hen yet.
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    He is a handsome boy. I bet he made some cute chicks.

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