intergrating 2 batches of chicks

Patricia Jane

9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
Petaluma CA
Hi everyone. I have 2 different batches of chicks. 2-5wk Ameracaunas in a brooder and 2-4wks barred rocks and RIR in the coop sectioned off from the big girls with mama. I have made a seperate pen in the run and wondering if I can put all the chicks together during the day? They can see the big girls but the big girls can't get to them. Will it work or will there be pecking since they have never seen each other? Or should I intergrate them 1 batch at a time starting with the 5wk. The 4 wks have been in the coop since they have been 3 days old so the big girls know they are there. I want to let them out in the run but if mama doesn't protect them I have a hugh task of trying to catch them before harm is done. Mama takes off during the day and then sits with them at night.

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