Intergrating poults with adults


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
south central Oklahoma
Any suggestions on getting the turkey poults intergrated with the adults ? The poults are about 5 and 7 weeks old, they have been in the grow out pen for 2 weeks now where the adults can see them. Still have one turkey hen laying, but the other hen won't let her set, keeps taking her eggs, then I keep taking the eggs out of the nest. Any ideas on how long until she decides she is not going to be broody ? Should I wait to let the poults in with the adults until the broodiness is gone ?
All help and ideas will be greatly appreciated.
I have had a turkey hen that was broody for about 6months. :barnie You can try breaking her of that if you like. As far as integrating the poults with the adults, I usually do it at about 2 months old and I always do it on the weekend when I am there all weekend to supervise and to make sure that the adults don't kill or hurt the poults. It always works out for me. The adults do bully them for a couple days but they always allow them into their group.
I didn't want her to keep trying to hatch, our weather is already getting in the 90 degree plus, and come june/july we get around upper 90's to 104 or so for most of the rest of summer. They tried hatching eggs, but did not get any hatched out, found some of their eggs with what looked like fully developed pouts laying out in the run, i am not sure what happened there, after 31 days, we took the rest of the eggs from the nest.

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