Internal egg temp vs air temp

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  1. Hi!
    Curiosity got the best of me so I tested it for myself.

    I opened an egg and put a probe 'inside' to check 'internal egg temperature'.

    Air temp at egg height has been the same as always in the LG w/ fan and turner.

    The thermometer probe measuring air temp is taped to an arm of an egg cup and fluctuates as the turner turns from 98.8 at the lowest point to 100.2 when straight up.

    What I find curious, is over 15 days, the probe in the egg (not simulating internal egg temperature, this is 'actual internal egg temperature' and has never been over 98.7 in my incubator.]
    I thought someone might find it useful.
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    Not sure if this pertains to your post or not but I took an egg and punched a hole in the air sac end that was big enough for the probe on my thermometer to go into, lol then I shook the heck out of the egg to loosen things up inside and emptied it out and rinsed good. Then I filled it with plain old clear gelatine and inserted the probe, then in the bator it went, so far I am getting about the same temp as you stated(98.9) , but all still looks well in my eggs and im on day 15 today, so I hope its a good thing.
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    Hi Dipsy,
    I assume this is what you temps remain at with this incubator with all your hatches---no out of curiousity, do you always have a hatch on Day 21?
  4. Hi!
    Pertinent and interesting [​IMG]

    Yes, always grows them to Day 18 (then eggs move to a separate hatcher). It's my 'Ol' Reliable' Little Giant that's had eggs in it since Oct '05.


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