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11 Years
Jan 9, 2010
I got 5 10 month old E.E's from an employee about a month ago and they started laying crazy 2 weeks ago.
One of them started acting very lethargic and would not come out of the nest box 4 days ago. I followed the advice on being "egg bound" and ran her a warm bath and checked for an egg. No egg but what seemed like yolk on her hind quarters.
here is a list of what I've noticed.
1)Her poo is really runny and clear
2)She doesn't want to eat but did drink water last night.
3) her abdomen is not swollen and she doesn't appear to be in any sort of discomfort, just kind of out of it.
4) lots more yellowish with a little white on backside this morning.
5) she did appear to have more energy today but still wanted to stay in the dog kennel i've got her isolated in.

any thoughts?

thanks so much!
I wish I knew more, hopefully others will chime in. I had one chicken who laid an egg internally and she ended up with "air sacculitis", which means the egg yolk got into the area around the air sacs, and egg yolk is very irritating to the tissues so the air sacs got inflamed. Apparently this is very painful for the chicken, so the recommended treatment from our vet was to provide supportive care - keep warm, tempt with tasty foods like scrambled egg, yogurt, etc., and to give medication for pain. We used a prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for birds (Metacam or Rimidil) but if you can't get those, you can give birds aspirin.

So, long story short, until you get better advice on here, there is no risk to providing supportive care, tempt to eat and drink as much as possible, keep warm, separate from flock, and give aspirin. Do a search on BYC for the dose, you can mix it in the water. I've never done the aspirin so don't want to advise on how much.

Good luck!
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