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    Jan 11, 2015
    hello guys I have a question or several rather. Friday was day 21 on my hatch. I had two chicks hatch yesterday morning which was the day 23 I haven't been able to candle the majority of them because my Candler isn't strong enough to see through the darker eggs. So today I decided to water candle the remaining 11 eggs I found movement in only two eggs there were no external pips at all but as I was finishing the water candling one of the wrigglers started chirping so I put that one and the other one that had movement in it back in the incubator. I eggtopsied the remaining 9 eggs one was an early quitter about the size of a pea. The rest were quite large I'm guessing they died on day 18 or older. Is there anything I can do for the remaining two eggs? Did I harm the one with the internal pip by water candling it? It was chirping AFTER I water candled it.
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