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    i am thinking of re doing the roosts and making stands for the other things like nest boxes, grit and water feeder and water tank.
    im going to use my weilding skills with MIG and the materials will be fence posts and scrap metal
    i need clarification before the work begins
    i have got red rhodes and isa browns and currently use a deep litter system

    how tall do my roosts need to be and should i put a step setup for them for easier acess

    how tall does the nest boxes need to be and they need to be shorter than the roosts and should i put a step

    i know how tall the waters and feeders need to be but im thinking of elivating and puting a step to minimising spoilage
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    Apr 15, 2008
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    the lower roost should be about 18 inches off the floor - Then most put a higher one 24 to 30 inches up. the birds jump onto the first roost & then hop to the higher one.

    My nest boxes sit on the ground. You can raise yours if you like - just keep them lower than the roost or they will all sleep there & make a mess in the nest.

    I built a platform about 12 inches off the floor for the water & the feeders sit on the litter or hang from ropes.

    For me the key was keeping the litter out of the water - the feed they seem to do well with but they fill the waterers with wood chips if they are not a little higher up.
  3. cluckin tractor

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    now ive got the general idea

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