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Jul 30, 2016
Hello BYC Community! I am relatively new to this Backyard Chicken enterprise. Our girls are beautiful and hopefully will soon start laying eggs! But my question: With the last big storm, I had big trees down and power out, it was wicked. Nothing feel on the chicken coop. Something happened to Gladys, my speckled sussex. Every since that night she whistled intermittently, wheezing and panted with deep breathing. Last night she ate and drank, and came running to me when I went for the nightly treat, though still breathing heavy. This morning I found her dead in her coop. Something happened that night. It definitely was not infectious, everyone else is looking good, she had no runny nose or eye changes. No spitting. All was good except her breathing. I could not find anything on the internet. Now I wonder if she got crushed by the other chickens? Maybe crushed her trachea? I don't think she had any broken bones because she still wanted to be picked up to my lap and flew off when she was done. Anyone have any ideas? She was so sweet:)
Greetings from Kansas, Mara, and :welcome. Storms are spooky for birds, no doubt. I'm unsure what might have happened to your Sussex but it sure sounds respiratory. You might want to post your question in this link The folks that patrol that thread will perhaps give you some idea. Good luck and sorry about your Sussex. You're right, they are a sweet bird. :hugs
Hi and welcome to BYC - I hope the ER experts can help.

Best wishes

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