Introduce a new chicken to my flock of two...

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I have two silkies and I want to get an americauna or another layer so I can have eggs while my silkies are broody (all the time).

What is the best way to introduce them?

I was thinking of building a temporary enclosure in the run to house the new bird so they can see each other every day for a while then let them be together supervised for an hour or two a day for a while before letting them loose.

Think they will fight?
What if the new bird is young?
How long should I keep them separated before putting them in the same run?
I use a wire dog cage. I put the other chickens food and water by the kennel so they have to see the new chickens. I kept mine in for a couple of weeks. Then at night let the new chickens out. I also found it better to introduce a few new hens at a time. The other chickens will pick on them, because of the pecking order. But all is well in the end. The new birds also have to be big enough to defend them self while the old chickens are showing the new ones who is at the top of the picking order.

good luck
Good idea to quarantine your new birds that you would be getting a good ways away from your silkies for atleast a month to make sure no diseases will be transmitted....then put them in a wired off area or dog crate so they can see each other for a few days....I always introduce mine in the evenings when they are roosting so no fighting breaks out...morning they are too busy eating to notice a newcomer or two.....

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