Introducing 1 yr old EE hen to two 9wk old EEs


8 Years
May 20, 2011
Helo all. This is my first go-round with chickens and so far I've kept three EE chicks alive through the first 9 weeks. Discovered last week that one is a roo. The hatchery we got them from is switching out the roo for a year old EE. My only coop is the Garden Ark chicken tractor. I would welcome any suggestions for feeding them (do I feed them all the same thing or do I feed the older one one thing and keep the young'ens on medicated chick feed?)

And any suggestions you have for integrating them. The 9wk olds are pretty laid back and used to being bossed around by the rooster so maybe it will be much the same with the older hen? Do I need to keep them separate for while (and how???) .

SO many questions. . . Thanks in advance for any wisdom you all may have. . .

With mine I put the new one in a cage next to the others so they could see each other for a few days before mixing her in.

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