introducing 2 7week olds to 5 hens


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So i followed what people suggest for introducing chicks. I placed them outside in a pen next to the coop/run this weekend and last weekend. Sat night i put them in the coop in a separate cage, then put them next to the run, last night i did the same thing , but this time let them loose inside the coop in the morning. The first hour before i went to work they seemed ok. Didnt leave the coop and were just checking their new home out. Two hours later the wife calls. She thought one of them was dead and the other one was running away from the other hens. She got the hens out of the run and separated the chicks. I got home and the one laying in the corner got up. Both had bloody heads. i purchased some Blue-Kote so they wont get infected. But what the hell am i to do? I can't raise these 2 chickens in my house till they are big enough to fight back.
i waited three months to introduce mine to my hens because they were atleast big enough to take the hits, and also before i put them in the same coop with my hens i divided the coop with some wire so that they can see each other but cant touch! and now i have more chicks that are in one half of the coop they are about 2 months old and i will wait till they are three months, so if you have the materials to divide the coop for now i say you do so!

heres a pic of it

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