Introducing 2 new chickens to a single older hen

Jun 30, 2010
I raised 4 chickens and 3 have died of old age after living a fabulous life! My favorite "Zen-chicken" is left. She seems so lonely, often just standing at our back door during the day, but happily interacts with everyone in our family. I kept reading how chickens need company and belong with a flock, but I'm having a number of life changes happening and I probably would not get more chickens right now if not for the lonely hen. Anyhow, two days ago I went and got two pullets. They are thick as thieves. My Zen-hen seems even more miserable. She is mean and chases the other two, and actively avoids them. I have a chance to give the new pullets back which I will do if introducing them making my Zen-hen miserable.

Does anyone think seeing a single chicken through her old age is just fine, or does the consensus feel that a flock is always better even if it's just tolerated?

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