Introducing 2 toms


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Nov 23, 2013
I had 5 turkeys and only have 1 left (a tom). One of my hens was caught (I'm guessing by a coyote) and we found a lot of feathers. The other 3 disappeared without a trace. No feathers found or anything. I keep hoping that they will turn up again but not holding my breath :( Today I purchased 4 new hens and a tom. All are full grown. We have penned them up for the day but normally free range our chickens, guineas, geese, ducks, turkeys etc. Is there a good way to introduce the 2 toms? We have introduced new hens to the pen before without any issues but never a tom. When we tried to put my original tom in the coop with the new ones tonight to roost, the new tom attacked him so we pulled him back out and he is staying in a separate pen tonight. Any suggestions???

Also these turkeys roosted in the trees at the previous owners home. We pen our birds in a coop at night to prevent predators. Is it better to keep them penned for a few days or is it safe to turn them out during the day starting tomorrow? I know with guineas if they are full grown you have to pen them up for awhile or they will try to go back "home"

We had 2 toms and 3 hens for awhile and they got along fine. Those 2 toms were raised together tho so not sure if that will make a difference. Also the guy that we got this bunch from had 6 hens and 2 toms. What's an appropriate ratio of hen to toms?

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