introducing 3-4 hens to a flock of 6 with a roo

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    Ok I have a 14x18 coop and 30x45 run for my 6 birds. My flock was much larger 30 hens but a bear thinned the flock and destroyed my fence in May. Fence now is electrified around the outside and only one attempt since and that bear is in my neighbors freezer..Since then I'm now married, have a new born daughter, lost my best friend of 13 years (Duke my beagle), brought a new puppy home (Mindy of course another beagle), and rebuilt my pop up camper So time has not been around to add to my egg layers. Anyways I know having more chickens in the coop helps keep others warm. I have my wood boiler return line going under their roost so it is somewhat heated. I'm looking to add at most 4 birds to the flock but I'm thinking 3. I cannot separate the flock for quarantine as I have snow coming down as I type and it's too late to get my fencing out of the pond where I housed swans for a friend. These birds are around 3 months old or older. How do I introduce them any tricks?

    My hens have all but given me one egg a day. I think it's the season. Either way as long as I get a dozen a week I'm ok with that. I do not want to force artificial light on them. Should I look into upping their protein count?
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    I am waiting for my pullets to start.... but at this time of year, unless you are adding light, or have just beginning to lay pullets, all eggs are a gift from the Gods, and can stop at any time.... until the day length gets longer.

    I think most people on here pretend to quarantine. To do it right, it is a huge amount of work, so most people pretend to do it, but don't really separate the two flocks for the 6 weeks, ectra. I would just stick the new birds in there if they looked healthy to me. Have a few hide outs, so that if it gets ugly, they can get away from each other a bit. You are risking the health of the flock you have now, but it is really only a few birds.

    I think about adding birds like math, with plus and minuses. I have found it works best if you add more than one. One new bird is hard, everyone knows she is new, and desperate to keep her at the bottom of the pecking order. 3-4 birds, spreads the pecking out more, if they are friends when they come, it also helps.

    I have heard stick them in there at dark, and no one is wiser in the morning. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I dont'.

    Mrs k

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