Introducing 3mo old ducks to 1 year old duck. Trouble


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Jun 4, 2020
I had a 1 year old Peking Duck an Rouen duck. They have grown up together. 2 days ago my Rouen duck died due to a blockage. I already had younger Ducks 3 months old in the same pen. But now that Hazel has died Madeline chases around all the younger ducks aggressively. She doesn't hurt them but chases them. When Hazel was alive they were all open to each other in the same pen. But Madeleine would not let anyone get near her and hazel but she never chase them now she's chasing them everywhere. I'm not sure if she's running around looking for hazel. I don't want her to be lonely I want her to make a new friend but I need an idea of how to help them get along. She has claimed one side of the pen where her and Hazel used to lay their eggs. Madeleine lays her eggs there still but keeps all the other Ducks away from that side of the pen. Any ideas it's to help her bond with the younger. It's sad to see her off by herself and the other ducks all hanging together.

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