Introducing 4wk chicks to 7wk?


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Jul 21, 2016
We recently lost our RIR (rip Big Red) and decided to replace her quickly, to hopefully avoid any bullying from the others. Just in case there were any problems, we ordered two new chicks, so at least they'd have each other as the new kids in the coop (we've only had chickens for 3 weeks so are still pretty clueless). As advised by the breeder, we have them in the coop with the others, but in their own separate cage. How long should we keep them separated? The older chicks were interested in them at first, but now not particularly bothered. Seem to be more interested in the cage itself! Any advice for this naive chicken momma would be appreciated!:)
Go out and let them mingle and watch what goes on to get an idea how it's going. The younger ones could be ignored or chased and pecked. If things get rough round them up, or if you can't watch them round them. Tomorrow do it again, and each day after, until you feel comfortable they will all get along.

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