Introducing a duckling


5 Years
Mar 15, 2014
East Texas
I want to introduce Popcorn (2 wk old duckling) to my 4 other ducks, BUT things aren't going so well. He gets hissed at and they lunge at him. What can I do?
I don't want them to hurt him. He won't be staying with them for a month or so, but I don't want them to gang up on him. BTW not sure on the "he" part just need to call it something...
I want him to get used to being around ducks considering the fact that he doesn't have another ducklings around. He is VERY scared
hi i recently introduced 2 ducklings about 4 weeks old to 3 older ducks, they werent overly friendly at first would pick at them a little when they were just with them during the day (back in the house at night) but once they moved in full time they just became part of the flock after their first night sleep,
I would keep a barrier between them until Popcorn is about a month older. I would definitely not leave them alone together and Popcorn should always be supervised whenever he is outside.

By the way, do you have any updated pictures of Popcorn? I'm curious as to how he is turning out.
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