Introducing a new flock!


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Oct 3, 2012
I had such great advise last time, here goes question #2. My first flock has adjusted to their new outdoor pen great (about 6 weeks ago). I still have 4 chicks inside (Australorp, 2 Silkies & a Sultan) that I have not yet moved out. These chicks were 3 weeks younger then the others so I kept them separated. I have introduced them all several times in the outdoor coop but bring the younger ones in at night because, even though they don't fight, the two flocks have not yet joined one another and the younger chicks have not learned to go up the ramp yet. At night they end up huddled together in a corner of the coop. My inside chicks have their feathers but are still considerably smaller than the others. How can I move them outside with the other flock permanently? The temperatur is not in the lower 40's at night with no heatlamp. Thanks!
Well what do you mean, are you asking how to train them to go in at night, or if that tempeture is to cold for them?
Thanks for responding...sorry I rambled. I guess my biggest concern is getting them up in the coop with the other hens. Though they have spent a few days together in the same run, the new chicks have not really interacted with my original flock. They have may no attempt to get on the ramp; they pretty much stick to themselves in one corner of the run. I was thinking I would go out after it gets dark and just put them up in the coop until they get it on their own. What do you think or what would you recommend?

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