introducing a new lady to my 3 hens and a rooster


7 Years
Mar 26, 2013
I have 3 hens, and a rooster that have been together since they where very young, they are all the same breed silver laced wyandottes, and a Year old.
I just purchased a silky bantam, smaller, and she's Grey, and very gentle, and louder when she talks, I also got a 6 week old silky white, for shows, the baby I will wait on but I want to introduce the bantam/silky/ adult female to my flock, so she can be my broody. but my hens are much larger. I've been letting them out all together when I'm out side and letting the silky in the coop when the others are out. she's staying in my porch with the baby silky and she is wonderful with the baby. Silkies are amazing, and I'm having ball working, and enjoying my flock.I would just like to get some babies, and I want to let them hatch naturally rather then me doing it. I'm thinking about a fence between them and watching to see who's the boss of my flock, and maybe removing her for a day the others are very docile, and my rooster drumstick, I'm not worried he See's the new girl. he's a big goober. a beautiful, and awesome protector, but a goober. just want to get ideas, and thoughts, I'm a big watch and see, and a huge mama to all my flock, they always look at me even my new ones. my thought is to let them free range all of them when I'm home, and watch and protect then all, and if I find, the bossy one remove her for a day or so, and see how they do. then reintroduce her. and see how she likes it being low one. or rubbing their smell on to my new adult silky, question? do birds know difference between breeds, like wyandonttes, and silkies?

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