Introducing a Rooster into my flock of 1 year olds.


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Mar 31, 2011
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Just looking for any tips and tricks other might have or have used to make this process smoother. Recently just threw another Roo in there with them and had to take him out and give him back to the previous owner b/c he was keeping two of my ladies from the flock all together.
I've gone through a handful of roosters, trying to find the right one. Finally, I've found him. He's a 2 year old Buckeye, and a champion to boot! He is the nicest rooster. Old enough to take charge immediately without being violent to the ladies. He's very protective, and he also tolerates me picking him up. He's a real gentleman, and he shows the ladies food and they all really seem to like him.

The younger roosters take more time to become a good rooster to the flock. They have to learn it......It just takes time.

Good luck and I hope you find a nice one,
I'll hazard a guess it was the Tetra Tints he'd haremed first. My limited rooster experience and two year Production Red time has shown me it's about each breeds demeanor. My Reds have never been easy going when another chicken is introduced to the flock. Though they are very people friendly they are the roughest on new or younger chickens. Our cockerel could stand his own at 4 months old but had yet to dominate the reds at 8 months. Yes he mates them but usually to his own chagrin after their retaliation for the act, though now the retaliation is less frequent. I'm sure come spring his overwhelming size will win them over completely.

So it could be the inexperience of our cockerel or that he was only slightly bigger than the Reds or that they were 1.5 year hens set in their own independence not wanting to cuckold. But what I'm sure of is Production Reds as a group never make it easy on new comers period, though once 'flock' is established look out for other hens/pullets. Ours will put the rooster in line if he gets a little rough mating others.

As the previous poster said, a full grown rooster would take charge of entire flock much faster than a cockerel. Then as long as he's not abusive he's a keeper.

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