introducing babies


8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
Help! we are new to this. We currently have 5 silkies that are 2 1/2 months old that are in the outside coop and run and have 3 7 week old cochins that we need to introduce soon because they are outgrowing their brooder. sooo, I know that we need to be careful so we had them in a little play house open to the silkies during the warmer days so they could all see and hear eachother and last week we brought them all out to the yard. The silkies just ignored the cochins and vice versa so we brought the babies into the run a couple days later. The silkies were big bullies!! They were flying at, jumping on them and getting pretty pecky with the little girls so we separated them in the run with a piece of plywood so they could all be out there now that it's getting nice here in Minnesota. So will they ever get along? I hope so because one of these days these cochins are gonna kick some little silkie butt when they get bigger (just kidding they are super sweet girls).

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