Introducing baby duck to older duck

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by michellec2828, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Hello! I need some advice from everyone. Two years ago we bought two baby ducks (one Indian runner female and one Welsh harlequin male) they grew up together and were the best couple. Sadly a stupid raccoon got into their pen and killed the female. We have removed the raccoon. We are now unsure what to do about the male.
    We want to get a baby duck so it can learn its perimeter and to bond with the male. Is this safe? Will the male kill a new baby? Since he grew up with a female is it better to get another female or could he live with another male?? Help???
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    Do not give the male duck a baby - it will likely not end well.
    Your male can live with another male if you aren't looking for eggs. Otherwise, look for another female or two.
    I'd look for adults or at least look for duck(s) that are close to their full size and then slowly introduce. You'll want to keep a new one separate anyway just so you know you aren't passing something between them that could cause an illness. Then try some supervised free range time and then pen them next to each other.

    Sometimes people bring in new adult ducks and put them together immediately and it works out.
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