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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ritzquacker, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Apr 9, 2012
    Hi everyone. I need some ideas and advice.
    I started with six chicks at the beginning of April. We had a tragedy and lost one four weeks later. I decided to "replace" the chick the next day; so, there would be a 4-5 week difference in the two groups. Unfortunately, I just experienced another loss of one of the newer ones. Besides the heartache, I'm wondering if there are opinions on getting new chick/s for the remaining month- old, or should I just introduce the sole chick to the older ones? I don't mind getting new ones if I knew the remaining month-old would be ok with the additions, or am I just reproducing the same potential problems the month old will face with the older group? I was thinking she would be more open to new chicks and then the three of them would be a force for the older group once it was time to meet the in-laws :lol:. Essentially is there any best practice in this situation? Also, the lone chick is extra attached to me...aka docile..even roosts on my shoulder.
    Thanks. I'm a newbee so not very wise with this particular animal kingdom. Thanks.
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    I have had no problem introducing and intigrating younger chicks with ones a month difference in age by putting new one(s) in a dog crate in the corner of the coop with the older ones. I added a 2nd heat lamp so they can sleep apart but near each other. I leave the younger ones in the crate for 5-7 days. They will let you know when they are ready to be together. At first they will sleep apart and older ones will try to pick through cage. When you see them sleeping side by side with just the wire between them - open the gate and just keep a eye on them for a while.
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    Yep- I agree! An extra heatlamp will allow them to choose "personal space" if they want to. I doubt you'll have a serious problem integrating them.
    I personally do it all the time with my little chicks of various ages & breeds--when they are still so little there is definitely a pecking order being established, but, mostly they are just trying to survive, and navigate that big scary world (the brooder!) Keep an eye on them for a bit & watch how they interact. Unless one is getting picked on REALLY badly, you should be good to go!
    I'm sorry for your loss about the other chicks, but I can also assure you that's normal. You probably didn't do anything wrong at all, the chick just wasn't meant to make it. It's such a sad thing to go out & see a little dead chick when the others are just peeping around happy as can be. Hope this info helps & reassures you--
    Good luck with your new chickies!

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