Introducing chicks to small (2 hen) flock

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by growingchicks, Jun 1, 2016.

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    We have begun the process of hatching eggs (day 3) so trying to get a plan in place to introduce the chicks to my 2 hens. 1 laying (top) 1 not (bottom) my top hen, Layla, is pretty docile. So I'm hoping for not too much of a fight.

    There was a larger flock, but the other 5 were killed. I got 2 more as rescues and one recently died, which is where the bottom hen, Curly, came from. I waited 2 days for introduction with them - it was an accident. My son opened the gate and they all met. No fighting at all, it was a very easy going intro. And the pecking order was done immediately; Layla having lived here longer took over.

    I'm hopeful chicks will be similar; but probably won't happen. So need some suggestions on how to do this.

    As of now we have 10 viable eggs. Once they hatch we will keep at absolute most one roo and all the hens, so however many that ends up being.
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    How old do you plan on the chicks being when introducing them to the hens? Since they'll be brooder raised, I'd wait a good 4-6 weeks until you do so, just so they can hold their own when the hens go after them. They will. How severely, I don't know. But chickens are territorial and don't appreciate newcomers. Read up on the links BruceAZ posted - they will be helpful.
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