Introducing ducklings to a broody momma?

Cole Campbell

Aug 22, 2019
I have a whole dilemma I have already spelled out on another post, but essentially my duck (8-9 months old) stole a bunch of hen eggs and has brooded over them and now we have babies. I don’t have any broody hens, so I’m having to take the babies away from her. Is it possible to put the week-ish old ducklings I just got from Tractor Supply in with her and let her raise them?
You can try, ducks are not often accepting of ducklings that are not their own, and now that they are a week old the ducklings are less likely to imprint on her and/or view her as their mother. Be prepared to step in quickly should things go wrong. Perhaps judges her interest with a see no touch setup first. Can she not just raise the chicks she hatched for awhile?

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